Cracking The Mystery Of “Goodreads For Authors,” Part Two: READERS

This week I’m excited to share a guest post I wrote for Dan Alatorre’s popular blog. (Thanks, Dan!) Follow the link below to pop on over and check it out. –CJ

A Timely guest blog post by my friend, critique partner and fellow author CJ Andrews – Dan. Sunday afternoon Dan and I were chatting about his post on how authors can use Goodreads. As I rambled on about my thoughts on the topic, we (okay, Dan) realized that a lot of authors may struggle with this […]

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  1. Thanks CJ … I get it … Goodreads here I come.

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    1. I look forward to comparing our bookshelves! 😊

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  2. Eclectic a polite word for my apparent tastes … many of my ‘choices’ of course purely in the interest of research … to check on my ‘female’ voice … as it happens ‘mine’ was more or less okay, maybe a bit too conscientious and logical! Yes my tongue is firmly in my cheek!

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    1. I promise not to judge…😊

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